Soulbow was created to publish and promote soulful music and creative arts that makes you travel to emotional and spiritual places, explore the mystery of life through sound and music, embrace life with intensely human, alive, and vibrant feelings, connect to your core essence and power your evolution to higher freedom and life mastery

Latest Release - Groovin' (remix)

Listen to this beautiful song to reconnect to your inner energy flow. As the passionate violin strings unite with a gentle rhythmic theme, you drift into stillness to discover your true path and become one with your inner Qi, the unlimited energy source, that gives you courage and power to walk on your chosen path. You enjoy every connected step without fear and are careless about the destination. A perfect song for inner inspiration or active yoga flow. 

Latest Improvisation - Now (Fransoafran & Kit)

Back by popular demand! This week Kit and Fransoafran got together again for jamming on a new song: Now. This time they pumped up the cool jazzy theme with an upbeat vibe, and finished it with some amazingly fast violin strings. Enjoy and watch out for the live teaser at the end of the video! 

Best selling Album - Journey of the new spirit

Our best-selling album consists of 7 amazing soundtracks to bring you into a great experience of inner space discovery to look for inspiration within and to live a fulfilling life vibrantly. With sophisticated strings from violin/cello/piano, these soundtracks will stimulate your emotions, unblocks your energy, connects to your consciousness, and permeates your inner space from 7 connecting points: stability, sensuality, will power, balance, intuition, consciousness, and integrated vibrations. The first 3 levels will create intimate connection with your human emotions for a vibrant life in its full spectrum. The last 4 levels will connect you to your deep inner self to look for your inspiration and purpose in life.  More details...

Latest Album - The Celebration

This special collection of contemporary soundtracks inspires sweet joy, deeply connected love, sensational delight, breathtaking exultation, and many more amazing emotions. Check out the full album here


In, we believe a vibrant and fulfilling life is the best life to live in. It is a lifestyle in which we do what we are inspired to do. Such inspiration is led by the abundant joy and energy from within and guided by our inner purpose and intuition. This is realized by embracing our journey of inner self discovery with sincerity, passion, excitement, and courage to explore both of its dark and bright sides. That’s why we created an entirely new music genre, ‘The New Spirit’, to define and express this belief through music.