About Fransoafran

With a strong balance of emotional and analytical mind, Francois Mathian has been trained professionally as a musician and a Scientist. Influenced and inspired by his parents, both University professors in Physics, he wanted to understand the mysteries of this life and world we live in from an early age. He was also directly inspired by his mother who was a violinist to learn piano and violin and grow a taste for performing, creating and improvising music.

Francois is also known as the artist Fransoafran who created several music albums touching over 270,000 people all around the world, and known for his innovative use of electric violins to create soulful compositions and improvisations. Francois has always been curious about the mystery of what is buried in the deepest part of ourselves and has been exploring it through his musical and spiritual quest, enrolling people into musical journeys connecting them to a deeper reality, and bringing them condensed emotion and life energy. One of his key work is the creation of a unique live experience designed to bring you out of time and space in this very rare place where you are one and inspired. 

After a classical training in Macon (Burgundy) and then Paris where he received training from the very well-known French Classical soloist Jacques Saint-Yves, Francois was involved in the Paris and Lyon music scene as a violinist in various styles, from jazz standards to pop rock, latin jazz to country music. 

After moving to Australia, Francois started a brand new project as a solo artist to develop instrumental music with a mix of temporary electronic and organic touch, and covering several influences.

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