This original album consists of 7 amazing soundtracks to bring you into a great experience of inner space discovery to look for inspiration within and to live a fulfilling life vibrantly. 

These mind-blowing soundtracks are composed of sophisticated layers of strings from contemporary violin/cello/piano and are best enjoyed with a headset or very good speakers in a quiet environment! Find more details about each soundtrack below. 

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Why this music

The idea behind the creation of Soulbow is to inspire a vibrant and fulfilling life using music as an inner impulse. It is a lifestyle in which we are empowered to do what we are inspired to do. Such inspiration is led by a deep energy from within and guided by our inner purpose and intuition. Such inspiration turns into reality by embracing our journey of inner self discovery with sincerity, passion, excitement, and courage to explore both of its dark and bright sides. That’s why we created an entirely new music genre, ‘The New Spirit’, to define and express this rejuvenation process through music.

As a result, an original album consisting of 7 original soundtracks guiding through this beautiful journey was created. It will bring you into a great experience of inner inspiration discovery as it stimulates your emotions, unblocks your energy, connects to your consciousness, and permeates your inner space from 7 connecting points: stability, sensuality, will power, balance, intuition, consciousness, and integrated vibrations. The first 3 levels will create intimate connection with your human emotions for a vibrant life in its full spectrum. The last 4 levels will connect you to your deep inner self to look for your inspiration and purpose in life.  

1. Stability with 'negative' emotions

This soundtrack will help you connect deeply with your ‘negative emotions’ to discover inner space trapped within. Sadness, anger, fear emotions are often deemed negative thus we suppress it using significant amount of energy. A more rewarding way of handling such emotions is to get intimate with them, observe their psychological and physical dimensions whenever they rise inside you. When you are comfortable with such emotions, you will discover a vast inner space trapped within. Such space is a source of strength which can stabilize your psyche, heighten your senses, deepen your empathy, and sharpen your intuition. Sign up to listen to the full album for free!

2. Embrace your sensuality!

In this soundtrack, we infuse our amazing violin strings with a sensual Latin vibe to ignite your sensuality to embrace the joy of fluid movement, happiness, and pleasant surprises from within! No discussion required as we all know the amazing effect of these 'positive' emotions. So let's unleash their powerful energy and excite your life with a click of the play button! Sign up to listen to the full album for free!

3. Ignite your will power!

The deep and passionate beat of this soundtrack will ignite your will power, empower you with a strong sense of purpose and courage to follow this challenging journey of inner inspiration discovery and to embrace what you will find. Sign up to listen to the full album for free!

4. Nurture balance at the heart's centre

As we move deeper into our journey, we will move away from the human emotions and start to create connection with our inner space where our true-self and inspiration exist. At this switching point, we look for a good balance at the centre of our heart to find inner peace and to be contemplative to prepare our mind for the delicate, yet most challenging part of the journey to come. Sign up to listen to the full album for free!

5. Awaken your intuition

The soft, smooth, yet sophisticated and high octave melody of this soundtrack will transcend the physical world and bring you into a new realm, the realm of your intuition. It is where you rest your mundane thoughts to get into stillness, and tune in to your intuition to find your inner inspiration and purpose. Sign up to listen to the full album for free!

6. Expand your consciousness

This ethereal soundtrack will connect you to your consciousness, a mental place of peace, knowledge, and wisdom. It is where you review and renew your mundane life from a higher perspective, assimilate its routines into meaningful patterns to create knowledge, attain wisdom, and ultimately expand your consciousness. Sign up to listen to the full album for free!

7. Integrate your vibrations for a fulfilling life

The deep, full, and reverberating melody in this piece resonates with all of the connecting points, creating an integrated vibration that unifies all the frequencies from your emotions, balance, intuition, and consciousness. This integrated vibration is the key source of energy to live a fulfilling life vibrantly with clarity, sensitivity, wisdom, inspiration, and peace. This piece marks the end of our music journey but we hope it has opened up a new journey within you or expanded the existing one. Sign up to listen to the full album for free!

Current Week Releases

Introduction video to the latest song Moon Dance in magical dream trance style! The new album will be released before Christmas. Click here to find out
Reviews from our audiences

Lucinda/Texas Awesome music.... Thank u sooooo much for sharing.... Makes my heart sing!!!!

Swarna Shanmugalingam Love your music. Very talented. So much of experience. Love all the music. Thankyou for sharing.

Lorraine/ Canada: Just went on a wonderful journey .Profound

América: Complete, made me feel ME, thank you for this extraordinary gift

Irene Zibert: Immanent is able to resonate in the emptiness and evoke calm.

Martin (US)
Wonderful music. I ended up spending a good deal of time listening through your selections here--and enjoyed the experience very much!"

Kathryn Benson : A very talented young man. God bless.

vraiment: c est supère j adore votre musique bravoooo

Flori Berrío: Increible, profundo con mucho movimiento. Excepcional.

Maricarmen Francia: la lluvia me hace amar mas el sonido de l violin