Moon Dance

An introduction video for the upcoming soundtrack Moondance. It recorded some of the live moments while Fransoafran was improvising for this song. This soundtrack is dedicated to all of our audiences who have inspired us with your overwhelming response for the improvisation video on week 43. Your wonderful comments and suggestions were the reason why we created this masterpiece. This soundtrack will be part of the new album 'The Celebration of the new spirit' to be released before Christmas. Pre-order available here

Improvisation Practice Week 43/2015

A live recording of Fransoafran while he was practising his improvisation on a Jazz fusion theme on 25th Oct 2015


A sneak peak video of Anchorage, a beautiful soundtrack expressing the sweet joy of returning home, a feeling anchored deeply within. Listen to the full soundtrack here

Groovin' (Teaser video)

A teaser video records some live moments when Fransoafran was improvising for his new soundtrack 'Groovin'. It was originally a casual shot of his daily improvising session but then we decided to make a teaser video out of it just for fun!. It is truly real, raw, and messy, but equally passionate and grooooovy!!! Listen to the final soundtrack here
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