We like to bring audiences through transformational journeys and help them connect to their core essence. Mostly producing modern classical, soundtracks and new age music, crossing over to other genres such as jazz, electronic, folk and rock.

Travel with us to emotional places, explore the mystery of life, listen to the story beyond the words, and awaken your inner energy to express your most vibrant self.

New AGe Music Radio - REview and Exclusive Video Premiere

Excusive Video Premiere of Tyrian Dance with an awesome review of Fransoafran's tracks

 Check the full review here: https://newagemusic.guide/reviews/exclusive-video-premiere-fransoafran-tyrian-dance/

"The sound and music is 50 % of the entertainment in a movie." Listening to the cinematic music of Francois Mathian, aka Fransoafran, I get a feeling that I have seen at least 50 % of several movies. His music is storytelling on a grand scale, larger-than-life and memorable.” - BT Fasmer

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Calm Piano and Strings - Modern Classical

We are thrilled to be collaborating with French pianist and composer Sarah Coponat on this calm Piano and Strings (violins and viola) version of her song "Home". An intimate and emotional piece that captures the soft and melancholic tones of twilight and a longing to return home. If you like it don't forget to save it on your streaming platforms too: https://ffm.to/0qvngvb


This song is an unexpected collaboration which led to a musical partnership between UK-based pianist Nathan Glass and French-Australian violinist Fransoafran. Blending the emotive lyricism unique to the violin with the capacity of the piano to create a mood-filled soundscape backdrop, Chiaroscuro brings together the contrasting yet complementary shades that both instruments and artists have to offer.

Listen on Spotify:

More information about Nathan Glass: https://soulbow.com/nathan-glass-fransoafran


Previous release - Deep Relaxation / Meditation - ISLAND DREAM

Previous 2019 releases - Immanent (Video) and Sky Tribe (Folk Celtic)