Soulbow was created to publish and promote soulful music and creative arts designed to bring audiences through transformational journeys and help them connect to their core essence.

Travel with us to emotional places, explore the mystery of life, listen to the story beyond the words, and awaken your inner energy to express your most vibrant self.

Latest Release - Passage

A song to reconnect to your inner energy flow. As the passionate violin strings unite with a gentle rhythmic theme, you drift into stillness to discover your true path and become one with your inner energy, to give you courage and power to walk on your chosen path. You enjoy every connected step without fear and are careless about the destination. A perfect song for inner inspiration or active yoga flow. 

Latest Improvisation - Now (Fransoafran & Kit)

Back by popular demand! This week Kit and Fransoafran got together again for jamming on a new song: Now. This time they pumped up the cool jazzy theme with an upbeat vibe, and finished it with some amazingly fast violin strings. Enjoy and watch out for the live teaser at the end of the video! 

Best selling Album - Journey of the new spirit

Latest Album - The Celebration