About Fransoafran

With a strong balance of emotional and analytical mind, Francois Mathian has been trained professionally as a musician and a scientist. He was inspired at an early age by his mother who was a violinist and physics professor to learn piano and violin and grew a taste for performing, creating and improvising music.


Francois is known for his innovative use of electric violins to create soulful compositions and improvisations. He has been exploring this path as a musical and life quest, enrolling people into musical journeys connecting them to a deeper reality, and searching for this condensed emotion and life energy. 


After a classical training, Francois was involved in the Paris and Lyon music scene as a violinist in various styles, from jazz standards to pop rock, latin jazz to country music. He then moved to Australia as a solo artist to develop his own music, collaborating with other composers and producers along the way. He now lives in Vietnam where he's establishing a new music recording and production studio and working on future albums.

Fransoafran's productions make extensive use of a wide range of violins as key features, from electric violins and violincellos to classical acoustic sounds. Most tracks are strongly influenced by the jazz tradition and leave an important space to improvisation and instant expression.


June 2019 - Exclusive Video Premiere of Tyrian Dance on New Age Music Radio with an awesome review of Fransoafran's tracks so far

Check out the video and full review here:


Spotify Playlists

This epic playlist featuring violin, cello, viola and double bass is a selection of soundtracks with an epic and emotional feel.