With state-of-the-art studio equipments, Soulbow offers high quality remote professional recording, original music composition and arrangement, as well music production services with a focus on string instruments, in particular violin and viola. 

Composing, arranging, Recording, Mix and Master

Violin and Viola - The Organic Touch

From arranging to recording and production

The remote composing, arranging and violin / viola recording services are provided by our main artist Francois Mathian (aka Fransoafran).

It's the perfect complement to your modern classical track. For pricing and availability please email us via the contact button below.

Francois can use two different acoustic violins (french violins from the early 20th century) with distinctive tones, and a viola, providing a full classical strings trio package.

For more electronic styles, two different 5-string violins are available (one with a carbon fiber body, and one purely electric) with a wide range of sounds, as well as an octave violin with a tone not dissimilar to amplified cello.

Listen to some examples of productions with different instruments further down this page.

Music Production - Bring it to life

Bring your sound to a deeper level

Soulbow's mixing and mastering engineers are specialised in string instruments, and combining strings with other instruments such as piano. The mixing and mastering process is designed to bring the organic elements to life and clarity in the different layers.

Equipment used for Recording, Mixing and Mastering:

- Logic Pro
- Focusrite Clarett 4Pre
- Apogee Duet
- Rode NT1A, NT2, NT5 (pair)
- Dynaudio Monitoring speakers
- Melda Productions Mixing Suite
- Wave Gold Bundle
- Izotope Mixing and Mastering Suite

Examples of productions

Example of string trio arrangement with 1 viola and 2 violins, recording and mixing / mastering - in a modern classical style:

Example of full composition, recording and mixing / mastering - in a modern classical style. String section including the recording of cello in our studios with our guest player Tran Duc Minh:

Examples of electro / fusion recording and production using a combination of all our studio's acoustic violins, acoustic viola, and electric violins. The octave violin is used in this particular track, with a similar sound as cello: