A soundtrack to connect to your feminine energy - the harmonious, intuitive, and creative source. Let it balance your female and male energy, connect your mind and your heart, and drop your ego to tune into your intuition for a truly peaceful life

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Francois Mathian has been trained professionally both as a musician and an Engineer and Scientist, with a strong balance of emotional and analytical mind. Influenced and inspired by his parents, both University professors in Physics, he wanted to understand the mysteries of this life and world we live in from an early age. He was also directly inspired by his mother who was a violinist to learn piano and violin and grow a taste for performing, creating and improvising music. More details...


In Soulbow.com, we strongly believe a vibrant and fulfilling life is the best life to live in. It is a lifestyle in which we do what we are inspired to do. Such inspiration is led by the abundant joy and energy from within and guided by our inner purpose and intuition. Such inspiration is realized by embracing our journey of inner self discovery with sincerity, passion, excitement, and courage to explore both of its dark and bright sides. That’s why we created an entirely new music genre, ‘The New Spirit’, to define and express this belief through music. More details...