This week release

Our latest release, Winderness, is a special collaboration between Fransoafran and Josh Benz. The beautiful violin strings, for the first time, are intertwined with a wild, surreal, and somewhat quirky soundscape, creating an immersive and unforgettable experience. 

About Fransoafran

Francois Mathian has been trained professionally both as a musician and an Engineer and Scientist, with a strong balance of emotional and analytical mind. Influenced and inspired by his parents, both University professors in Physics, he wanted to understand the mysteries of this life and world we live in from an early age. He was also directly inspired by his mother who was a violinist to learn piano and violin and grow a taste for performing, creating and improvising music. More details...

About Josh Benz

Josh Benz graduated from the Australian Institute of Music with a Bachelor of Music: Composition and Music Production and specializes in composition for film and video games. He is currently working with virtual reality startup Amber Railway, composing the score and audio in 3D for immersive storytelling. More details of Josh can be found on his website

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