The idea behind the creation of Soulbow is to inspire a vibrant and fulfilling life using music as an inner impulse. It is a lifestyle in which we are empowered to do what we are inspired to do. Such inspiration is led by a deep energy from within and guided by our inner purpose and intuition. Such inspiration turns into reality by embracing our journey of inner self discovery with sincerity, passion, excitement, and courage to explore both of its dark and bright sides.
We created a very special and unique music experience, 'the Rainbow experience', to bring you into an inner-self discovery journey by using music to stimulate emotions, unblock energy, connect to consciousness, and permeate inner space from 7 connecting points: stability, sensuality, will power, balance, intuition, consciousness, and integrated vibrations. The first 3 levels will create intimate connection with your human emotions for a vibrant life in its full spectrum. The last 4 levels will connect you to your deep inner self to look for your inspiration and purpose in life.  

Find yourself a comfortable position in a quiet environment with good speakers or headset, And let us bring you through this life empowerment experience. 

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Step 1: Connect with your emotions

Feeling negative?
Feeling out of control?
Feeling positive?

Step 2. Awaken

Step 3. Power Your Soul

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