Interview Rachele WildMare

Rachele Wildmare

Learning from a heart-centered story teller

Performer (violin, viola and cello), composer, producer and film director


Through her films and music, Mare wishes to transmit her affinity with nature and her perception of the interconnectedness of things.  She was first drawn to music at age 2, when she began having piano tea parties with the elderly sisters next door. 

As a professional violinist, she has performed in a variety of styles, from traditional classical & rock to stunt violin (that’s right, violin combined with circus stunts!)  She has been passionate about combining live strings with electronic music since playing electric violin in an electronica band in the mid-noughties. 

Mare grew up in Melbourne, but always knew she would live in the mountains. Since 2001 she has called The Blue Mountains, west of Sydney, her home.



How do you keep healthy and what is the meaning for you of a vibrant life? 

A vibrant life is to be in balance, being fit & healthy, being creatively & spiritually fulfilled…. of course, life wouldn't be very vibrant without loving and being loved. I feel on top of my game when I experience the resonance from having all of these things at the same time. My aim is to engage that flow ALL the time. It's what I wish for everyone, for you too, and for your audience :) 

These things all help you vibrate at a higher level.  I like to remember that we / the universe are energy - and we are all more space than matter!  I love eating well - a mostly organic, plant-based diet.  I only drink water we collect each week from a natural spring in the Blue Mountains near where we live.  I think it's important to get lots of fresh air, nature, sunlight and exercise. But the essential elements of laughter and feeling the love are also necessary!

What is your go to way to reach a higher state of consciousness: some find it via intense training, some via meditation, or it could simply be a walk in nature?   Are there any meditation techniques or breathing techniques you like to perform regularly, or any energetic practice that you found work well with you? 

For the last 2 winters, with my partner Nellie, I have swum regularly in an icy waterfall.  We stay in the water between 5 and 10 minutes.  It's usually 5 to 8 degrees C. There are massive health benefits if the water is below 12 C.  The coldest was 6 minutes at 2.9 degrees!  After swimming I feel remarkably present, elated and my vision improves - depth perception, heightened sense of colour saturation.  When I can’t do this, I take cold showers. 

I have periods of meditating regularly, I've done that since I was 16.  Sometimes I do breathing techniques to raise Kundalini energy.  An incredible teacher who was inclined towards Zen Buddhism taught me violin. I was shown how to focus on the sound like one focuses on the breath in meditation.  Every lesson and every practice session would begin with this.  The exercise is called “Tonalization". 

Music & sound are a great way to change your energy - I love playing my instruments tuned to 432 Hz.  I feel more relaxed, centred and present, it makes my upper chakras come alive.  I tuned to 432 Hz in my teaching studio for a whole term. It seemed to make my students calmer and more present. I now record everything in my studio at this frequency. 

I also create my own binaural beats which can very quickly shift you into another state of consciousness. I also have some Buddhist bells.  You don’t have to be an instrumentalist to strike a bell and listen to the sound, then the memory of the sound… leaving you feeling more present, more alive.

Shumann resonance

The Schumann resonances are a set of spectrum peaks in the extremely low frequency portion of the Earth's electromagnetic field spectrum. Schumann resonances are generated and excited by lightning discharges in the cavity formed by the Earth's surface and the ionosphere.

The fundamental resonance vibrates at the frequency of 7.83 Hz but secondary and subsequent resonances are 14Hz, 20Hz, 26Hz, 33Hz, 39Hz, 45Hz, etc...




I like to remember that we / the universe is energy - and we are all more space than matter”

Do you have a vision board or a notebook or something to help you materialize your vision? 

This is the first year I haven’t done a vision board.  I usually do one on the first or second day of the year. For the most part it really helps bring things into physical existence. But my values are changing and the way I manifest is changing too.  I used to express things on my board in the present tense and infuse them with emotion:  eg “I’m so happy & grateful that XYZ”  This is effective, but now I internalise it more, feeling gratitude as if the thing has already happened. 

I have a few events that are triggers for this - like when the neighbour’s dog, Bandit, chases the car.  It’s a sudden flurry of excitement. I slap the dashboard and yell out my affirmation:  “I love it when I... (as if it always happens and I’m in rapturous gratitude)…. And you know what?  It works!

“The cessation of thought is the awakening of intelligence” - Do you find yourself overthinking about your playing or your music? 

That phrase really encapsulates the ideal creative process and way of being. 

I love being able to often engage the flow state with playing and composing.  I’m more likely to overthink with mixing and production.  I can really agonise over something that could be quick and simple.

I was shown how to focus on the sound like one focus on the breath in meditation”