Sarah Coponat is a French modern-classical piano composer and performer who has made multiple appearances on France's national television performing original pieces. 

Sarah is live streaming her pieces on twitch every Wednesday and Sunday at 8pm (Paris Time): 

"The tender style of Sarah Coponat’s piano playing has a distinctive feeling. It is emotional and moving. [...] The piece itself seems to take on a life. I love that it gives me both profound relaxation but also stimulates my brain to want to read and write." -Ear to the ground music 

Her first piano album "Astronaut", out on June 21st, is available for pre-order on

2020 will be a very prolific year with many soft relaxing EP such as "Martini Nights" (May 28), "Contes Slaves" (June 12), inspired by modern classical composers such as Max Richter or Nils Frahm, as well as weekly piano covers of popular songs.

LATEST COLLABORATION: HOME (piano & Strings) - May 2020

This intimate and emotional sound is what you get when pianist/composer Sarah Coponat meets violinist Fransoafran and proposes to write a strings arrangement of her original piano song (Home). Between Nils Frahm, Olafur Arnalds and Peter Cavallo, this collaboration captures the soft and melancholic tones of twilight and a longing to return home.

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